Activator Program

Accelerate Your Impact Investing Journey

The Activator Program is an industry-leading educational curriculum designed to strengthen your skills an impact investor.

We deep-dive into the fundamentals, frameworks, and best practices in impact investing. The Activator Program consists of monthly webinars, learning exercises, course guides, on-demand educational courses and resources with optional Activator Learning Labs where we apply theory in practice, connect, and share our impact investing journeys with other Toniic members.

The Activator Program consists of:

Activator Series

  • Monthly Activator Webinars 
  • On-Demand Learning Modules and Content delivered as a course with reminders and learning tools
  • Module Exercises
  • Course Resources and Learning Guides
  • Certificate and Virtual Badge of Completion 

Activator Learning Labs

  • Activator Series plus
  • An Optional Monthly Deep-Dive Discussion Session
  • Community, Accountability and Peer Support With Other Toniic Members Around the Globe
  • Exercises and Resources to Deepen Learning and Mastery of Content
  • Optional Course Completion Certificate  

The Activator Program Curriculum

Series One: Fundamentals of Impact Investing This series provides an educational experience that lays the foundation for impact investing including the vocabulary, frameworks, and investor styles needed to navigate the impact ecosystem – plus how to pick an approach, form a team, choose themes, and how to incorporate evidence.
Series One Curriculum
  • Understanding Impact Investing
  • Impact Investing Frameworks
  • Forming Your Team
  • Picking Your Approach
  • Incorporating Evidence
  • Choosing Focus Areas
  • Foundations and Impact Investing
  • Fundamentals Overview
Series Two: Introduction to Impact Portfolio Construction This series provides an overview of both the traditional asset class allocation approach and “impact first” approaches to impact investing. Each asset class is covered in-depth to provide the knowledge you need to build a comprehensive impact portfolio.
Series Two Curriculum
  • Introduction to Impact Portfolio Construction
  • Cash and Banking
  • Public Equities
  • Private Equity Direct Deals
  • Private Debt
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Substitutes for Private Debt, Equity and Blended Finance
  • Real Assets
  • Putting it All Together
Series Three: Intermediate Impact Investing This series will help you deepen your approach to impact investing, including measurement and management tools, crafting your theory of change, 100% approaches, and reimagining capitalism.
Series Three Curriculum

A Collection of sessions on the following topics that take you deeper after learning Fundamentals and the basics of Impact Portfolio Construction.

  • Impact Metrics and Management
  • Catalytic Capital
  • Integrating Philanthropy with Impact Investing
  • Systems Change Approaches

Activator Learning Labs enable deeper learning and engagement:
  • Learn virtually in a small group of like-minded peers with accountability and support
  • Apply theory in practice, connect, and share your impact journey with other Toniic members
  • Experience direct access to the Toniic team, thought leaders and presenters 
  • Certificate of Completion (Optional)
  • Digital credential of acknowledgement
Activator Learning Lab Participants:
  • View monthly Activator module (available on-demand or live)
  • Participate in a one-hour monthly lab session (offered at different times to support Global members)
  • Optional attendance in any Activator Lab for all three Activator Series
Who can participate:
  • Toniic Global Members
  • Selected Partners and their Communities

“From theory to practical examples, including sharing best practices with fellow impact investors, the Activator Program is an amazing opportunity to get a detailed guidebook of how to become an impact investor. Strongly recommended.”

Olivier Rieu

Activator Cohort Participant in 2020

“In the Activator Fundamentals program I was able to meet and engage with other members who, like me, are early in their impact investing journey which helped me build empathy and understanding with other perspectives and positionality in the impact investing ecosystem. I likely would not have had this if I did not participate in this program. It’s helpful to know that everyone is figuring it out and we are all on our own individual journeys as part of this collective.”

Keoni Lee

Activator Cohort Participant in 2021

Takuro Kimura

Activator Participant in 2021