Annual Global Gathering

We are excited to host the Annual Global Gathering 2020 in the quaint village and delightful climate of Rancho Santa Fe, California. Our theme this year is the integration of Love and Evidence. Drawing on ongoing developments in the fields of impact investing and philanthropy, we will explore how we each hold this apparent tension in our work. Our goal, for we who make caring for the world a central tenet of our life’s work, is to arrive at a balance and integration that is personally appropriate and fulfilling.

Our Gathering aims to unlock the wisdom of the Toniic community and leverage the collective power of our attendees in fun and unique ways. Each day we’ll explore the theme through plenary sessions, breakout workshops, Toniic signature sessions, lots of open space and interactive storytelling.  We want you to be part of the mix. We also have a few exceptional guests to round out our exploration of Love and Evidence.

Agenda Overview

We kick off this year with an Impact Funds Showcase: Love & Evidence in Education Investments. Education is one of the themes where the positive tension of love and evidence should be upheld, making sure that the educational outcomes of investments align with the desire for impact. During this session, we will hear how three funds are driving educational outcomes leveraging technology, innovation, and vocational training.
We are excited to have Toniic members share their experiences and participate at the AGG20. We’ve got a sub-theme of story telling for impact investors running through the AGG with members sharing their ‘Fire Stories’ – what list them on fire to commit to impact – and we have our very own award winning journalist member running a Story Telling for Impact Investors workshop. 

We have our classic Toniic Portfolio Deep Dive from one of our members. As well as A Mountainside Chat: Journey to Impact outdoor workshop and a session on Public Debt Portfolio Construction run by two Toniic members.

We have Forum for the Future delivering an Introduction to Systems Change in Practice workshop and a workshop on What the SDGs Forgot to Mention: Human Rights and Why They Matter for Your Due Diligence.

We will close out our content rich member experience-sharing with a Deep Dive Into Systems Change and the Finance System with co-founder Charly Kleissner.
To Explore Evidence, Dean Karlan, Professor, Professor of Economics and Finance at Northwestern University and President and Founder, ImpactMatters and Innovations for Poverty Action, will share his work around evidence based interventions and the cost-effectiveness of nonprofits. He’ll dive in to how to apply the same kind of analytical and data rigour to thinking about the impact in impact investing. 

Sustainable Hotels: We’ll have Denise Neguib, Global Head of Sustainability for Marriott International with us as we share our journey of catalyzing change at the venue we’ll be AGGing at. 

Gunnar Lovelace, CEO of Good Money will run an interactive workshop that pulls no punches about the state of the world – there is reason to despair, but also reason to hope. This will be a bold and candid conversation that challenges us to expand our understanding of the purpose of capital, and presents initiatives dedicated to transforming global systems of banking and finance. Thank you Good Money for sponsoring the AGG.We’ve got Charles Eisenstein speaking to Love and the myriad ways it plays into systems change. A Toniic favorite, we’ve created a large space for Peer Coaching Circles with a parallel session for Advisor Members.  The Impact of Ignoring Impact in Your Liquid Investments with RBC’s Catherine Banat -thank you also for sponsoring the AGG- is followed by How to Invest without Making You or Your Portfolio Companies Crazy. Lauren Grattan, Co-founder of Mission Driven Finance will be joining us with to of their portfolio companies to dive into the nitty gritty of place based investing.

Read more about our speakers here.

A Carbon Neutral Event

When we locked in our stay at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, a Marriott Hotel, we wanted to make sure they were up to our sustainability standards. We saw areas for improvement and engaged Marriott International’s senior management team. We’ve been working with Denise Neguib, Global Head of Sustainability, Marriott International, who will join us at the AGG to describe Marriott’s robust 9 year sustainability plan and approach and what it’s been like working with Toniic. Together with the Head of Operations at the Inn we’ve made headway and we’re excited to involve you on this journey as well. AGG20 is proving to be a great case study on the power of engagement to change practices. We will leave the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe a more sustainable property than we found it.  In this session we will discuss how the process.

The Toniic Team is offsetting the carbon footprint of our travel by purchasing offsets from a menu of options recommended by Toniic members. We encourage you to do the same!

 View the menu of carbon offset options here:

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