Our Team

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Lisa Kleissner

Board Chair

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Lisa Hall

Board Treasurer

Shalaka Joshi

Board Director

Robynn Steffen

Board Director, Chair Elect

Alison Fort

Board Director

Toniic was founded in 2010 as the global action network for impact investors. At its founding, Toniic was focused on facilitating early stage direct equity and debt investments into social enterprises, as well as providing support to those entrepreneurs seeking to use for-profit models to address the world’s biggest challenges.

That founding was the brainchild of a special group of founders who had a vision for a world in which investments take into account the planet and its people, and the insight that private wealth holders need support to fully realize their impact investing aspirations. All of our founders have other endeavors in which they are pursuing their impact, but each remains involved with us in some capacity.

We feel so fortunate to have been incubated by some of the brightest minds and deepest hearts in the impact investing space: