Toniic is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We have team members based in North America, Europe and Asia. Given our globally distributed team, email is the best way to reach us.

  • If you have a general inquiry, please write to us at
  • You can also leave a voicemail at +1 (415) 746-9925, but expect a delayed reply due to the global nature of our team. Please do leave your name and email on your message to facilitate a response.
  • Funds and enterprises seeking to join our investment opportunity platform should see our listing criteria.
  • If you are interested in membership, sponsorship, partnership, or supporting our fieldbuilding, please reach out to the team members listed below:

Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Kanini Mutooni, Managing Director

North America

Dipti Pratt, Member Engagement Director

Kim Griffin, Member Engagement Manager

Asia Pacific

Cindy Ko, Engagement Manager

Toniic Mailing Address

Toniic Institute

PO Box 6866

Bend, OR 97708-6866