Our global community includes around 500 investors from 25+ countries. Our members are high net wealth individuals, family offices, and foundations, as well as a few invited wealth advisors. Toniic investors are interested in transformational enterprises and impact funds that deliver positive social and/or environmental impact across any sector, asset class, and geography.

In curating investment opportunities, while Toniic seeks to support the impact investing ecosystem, we primarily serve our members, who are asset owners. Our criteria for inclusion on our investment opportunity platform are designed primarily to identify opportunities we believe will be of interest to our members, which starts with a compelling impact thesis. We regret we cannot be of service to all those interested in fundraising from our community. Toniic facilitates only investments with financial return characteristics, and not grants.

To share an investment opportunity with our community of investors, please see our investment criteria for funds and enterprises.

Toniic Fund Program

Toniic provides its members with access to a global investment platform focused on impact funds across multiple asset classes. The Toniic platform integrates the Sustainable Development Goals and related Toniic Impact Themes so Toniic members can identify impact funds that align with their themes of interest.

What we provide to fund managers

Toniic will provide high visibility of fund profiles to our members (accredited investors and qualified purchasers) who have certified compliance with the applicable legal requirements. We curate two fund programs.

Fund Listing Program

  • A listing and description of your fund for up to 12 months on our investment platform, accessible to all of Toniic members
  • Coverage of the fund during our internal bi-monthly call in which the Toniic team presents highlights of the latest funds on the platform to investors of the network
  • Inclusion of the fund in Toniic’s fund newsletter
  • Direct notifications with details of the fundraise to investors who expressed interest in impact themes relevant to the fund
  • Exceptionally – depending on the number of expressions of interest that we may receive from our members – Fund Managers can also be invited to present in one of our webinars or in-person meetings.

Our key fund criteria

  • High social and/or environmental impact
  • Strong management team
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Differentiating investment theory

Please submit your fund investor deck and PPM, if you think that your fund would satisfy our criteria, and you are interested in joining our global platform.

How the process works

Within 2 to 3 weeks of the submission of your materials, you will receive a response from our Investment Research team.
If there is a clear match, you will be invited to create a profile on the Toniic investment opportunity platform. The fee, which ranges between $1.000 and $3.500 (depending on the size of the fund and the type of fund program) helps Toniic to offset the fund program expenses.

Our Investment Research Team will provide you with guidance on how to optimize your fund profile before sharing it with our members.

Please note that Toniic does not invest itself, nor provide investment advice to its members. Participation in the fund programs does not guarantee that any investor will choose to invest. Investors of the Toniic network see a large number of investment opportunities and not all funds will receive funding. No direct marketing efforts to Toniic members is allowed outside approved channels. Our communication is intended to be structured in accordance with US legal requirements, which prohibit Toniic from providing advice about specific investments or otherwise expressing investment opinions and actively promoting investments. Funds are responsible for complying with any legal requirements in applicable jurisdictions for any transaction eventually consummated with investors introduced through the platform. For these reasons, it is important for fund managers to keep their information on Toniic’s investment opportunity platform complete and up to date.

Toniic direct investment program for Enterprises

Toniic features only co-investments in direct deals. If one of your investors is a Toniic member or if a Toniic member is currently considering an investment in your company, and you are looking for additional funding, please ask your Toniic member investor to contact the Toniic team. The Toniic team will guide you through the direct investment program and share an invitation to join our platform.

Investor deck requirements

In the investor deck, please include information about the following:

  • Vision
  • Customer problem
  • Business model
  • Target market & competitive landscape
  • Competitive advantage
  • Management team experience
  • Capital seeking & use of funds
  • Proof of concept, traction & scalability
  • Go to market strategy
  • Financial history & projections
  • Social impact history & projections

How the process works

Within three weeks of receiving your application, you should receive a response from our Investment Research Team. If, after reviewing your materials, we conclude you meet our criteria, you will be invited onto Toniic’s investment opportunity platform where your company will be available for consideration to all Toniic members for review.
Depending on the expressions of interest received on the platform, you may be featured on our thematic investor webinars and investment round-up calls, or live at one of Toniic’s regional member meetings.

If one or more Toniic members are interested in exploring an investment opportunity relative to your venture, they will contact you directly.

Please understand that Toniic members see numerous investment opportunities and that Toniic members cannot invest in every deal. For that reason, it is important for entrepreneurs to keep their information on Toniic’s platform up to date and as complete as possible. Should your status change in any way, please update Toniic at your earliest convenience.