Ready to Start Your Impact Investing Journey with Toniic?

Every journey begins with a single step, and this one begins by filling out our membership application.

Our community is made of passionate investors who see the management of their wealth as an extension of their values. 

We serve accredited investors and senior staff of family offices or foundations who are:

  • Intent on actively moving assets toward positive impact
  • Willing to share their investing lives with other Toniic members
  • In agreement with Toniic’s Code of Conduct

“The best part of Toniic is definitely the people I’ve met; finding Toniic was like finding my tribe.”

Danny Almagor

Danny Almagor

Toniic Member since 2014

We offer two tiers of membership, depending on your needs:


Up to 2 member seats
US $7,500 annually *
US $2,000 one-time on-boarding fee *
An invitation to join the 100% Network, if eligible

Global +

Up to 6 member seats
US $15,000 annually *
US $4,000 one-time on-boarding fee *
An invitation to join the 100% Network, if eligible

Toniic members envision a world in which all investments honor the planet and its inhabitants.  Toniic gives them the tools and support to build that world. 

A Global Community

The true magic of Toniic is its members. Impact investors come together from around the world to collaborate, educate, and support one another on their impact journeys. Toniic members meet and connect through regional member gatherings, interactive webinars, intimate local meetups, and even personalized member introductions, facilitated by dedicated Toniic team members.

100% Network

Members of the 100% Network have committed to deploying 100% of the investments in at least one portfolio in pursuit of deeper positive net impact. As a 100%er, you will find peers on a similar journey, and an environment of support, not judgment.

Toniic Impact Forums

Through Toniic Impact Forums, members are able to connect with other members in their geographic regions. These groups meet more regularly than other Toniic gatherings and focus on the whole person, not just the investor.

“I get to benefit from a lot of different perspectives from around the world.”

Alexandra Korijn

Alexandra Korijn

Toniic Member since 2014, BOARD MEMBER SINCE 2018


January 1, 2019


New to impact investing, interested in learning and connecting, looking for tools and mentorship

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019


Active in deploying assets, interested in investment opportunities, looking for strategies and a platform

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019


Fully deployed assets, interested in collective action, looking to share and amplify their impact

January 1, 2019

We believe that impact investing is a journey. That journey includes stages of deployment, and Toniic has resources to help you at all stages of your journey, including peer sharing of portfolio strategies, best practice resources from industry experts, and access to leading research projects like Impact Terms and T100.

The Activator Series

For those just getting started, Toniic has created a comprehensive impact investing training program, which is included in your membership. The goal of the series is to give “Activators,” as we at Toniic call those who are new to impact investing or investing in general, all the tools they need to start deploying a portfolio.

The Activator Cohort is an additional offering for Toniic members wanting to go deeper with this content in a small group with accountability and support. The Cohort coincides with the delivery of monthly learning modules in the Activator Series.

Topics covered during the three phases include: forming your team, picking your approach, details of portfolio construction, crafting your Theory of Change, and more!

“Connecting and learning from members has been really pivotal for us. I would say we’ve been able to move from thinking about sustainable and impact investing to doing it in an acceptable way because of the network and connections through Toniic.”

Toniic Member

T100 Participant, 2017 Powered ascent report

Access to Direct Deals and Funds

Toniic can support you if you would like assistance finding meaningful investment opportunities. We have a dedicated investment team curating co-investment opportunities across asset classes and impact themes, who will send tailored notifications of investment opportunities based on your specific impact and investment criteria.

Members also have access to a member’s only view of the T100 Diirectory of impact investments, with additional “members-only” information including the name of the members invested.

A global platform of direct deals and funds across the SDGs

Access to co-investment opportunities with other members

Access to thematically curated Impact Funds Circles

“I’ve received very practical and personalized help on deal flow and portfolio construction from the experts on the Toniic team, and met amazing people. Toniic is incredibly valuable.”

Sayuri Sharper

Sayuri Sharper

Toniic Member since 2018

Impact Support

Impact investing is pioneering work, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Toniic provides an environment of trust for asset owners to conduct their journey of values clarification and alignment in a culture of support, not judgement. We also provide practical impact support through:

  • Portfolio analysis dashboards
  • Impact management support for your investments
  • Benefits with our partners – Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, RippleWorks, ImpactAlpha and Phenix Capital
  • Support promoting your impact activities

“As part of Toniic and the 100% Network, it’s really exciting to be part of something that is growing and building and getting real traction in the marketplace.”

Mia Haugen

Mia Haugen

Toniic Member since 2015

Ready to Start Your Impact Investing Journey with Toniic?

Every journey begins with a single step, and this one begins by filling out our membership application.