Powered by Toniic, the Impact Terms Platform is a free, expert curated, encyclopedia and how-to guide for entrepreneurs, investors, and impact professionals.

Impact Terms offers

  • a platform for newcomers to impact enterprises to learn and evaluate structures;
  • a forum to build investor/investee consensus around “neutral” terms; and
  • examples of mission preservation as commercial investors come into later stage investments.

By publishing successful and innovative impact deal terms, entrepreneurs and investors can more easily access previously-developed deal terms, lowering the cost of deal negotiation and documentation, speeding the conclusion of transactions, and increasing the velocity of capital deployment. Furthermore, providing sound practices for impact investing and guidance on alternative investment structures for entrepreneurs, investors, and intermediaries will lead to better investment outcomes and solidify the impact thesis of transactions.

The Impact Terms Platform exists to encourage the growth of impact investing around the world by helping people like you learn from and build on the experience of pioneers in the field. Our hope is that ITP becomes a comprehensive library of real-world knowledge and expertise on structuring impact investments and enterprises. As the field evolves, we hope that ITP expands to accommodate new approaches and lessons learned, and grows more valuable over time.

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