Impact Investing Updates from the Toniic Community

Toniic and Community Response to Covid-19

Pandemics, Impact Investing and ESG Investing

Even those lucky enough to have escaped severe COVID-19 illness in themselves or a family member have been dramatically affected by the pandemic.  The economic effects on the real economy are the severest of our lifetimes.  The effects are global, and disproportionately…

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Toniic Community Responds to Covid-19

Toniic members have been working hard to bring impact investments and philanthropic capital to communities hurt by Covid 19. This section is open to all Toniic members who wish to publicly share this work to catalyze further impact. Toniic members are responding…

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Impact Investing News and Views from Toniic Community

T100 Focus Report: Foundations on the Road to 100%

New from T100 comes a research briefing focused on how foundations are deploying their capital toward deeper positive net impact across all asset classes. Within T100’s data set of impact investments in private wealth holders’ portfolios, 18 of the 76 portfolios in the latest study are foundations. Despite being only…

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Striving to Make the Capitalist System Work for the Greater Good

To see the full picture, we need to go back to 2013. It was then that Jennifer Kenning traveled to east Africa where she visited a dozen social enterprises throughout several countries. The extreme poverty—what people “went through for basic goods and services”—was inconceivable, she says. “I couldn’t…

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A Family Office Going 100% Impact

(The following is an excerpt from an interview with Dr Johannes Knorz and Peter Brock of 4L Vision family office, which was published in the March 2020 issue of Horizons: Family Office & Investor Magazine. The full interview can be downloaded below.) Dr. Johannes Knorz: We started as…

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