Featured Members

David Robinson Jr.
Admiral Capital Group

David joined Admiral Capital Group to build on it’s mission to make a strong social impact in the cities where the firm invests.  Admiral Capital takes 10% of profits and utilizes investments to create opportunities to support communities. For example, Admiral Capital Group purchased a Hilton Hotel in Houston, TX and created the Admiral Hospital scholars program in partnership with Hilton, University of Houston and local school districts. The program provides internships and college scholarships for high school students in Houston interested in hospitality. Moving forward, David’s goal is to expand Admiral’s platform to making direct impact investments as well as scaling the philanthropic work.

Before Admiral Capital Group, David spent three years working for sports and education technology startups in Austin and New York. David was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended University of Texas at Austin.

Janet McKinley
Advance Social Capital Ltd.

Janet launched Money in Motion LLC (MIM) in 2004 to direct her personal assets into investments offering both attractive returns and positive impact with a focus on financial inclusion. MIM’s current activities are centered on the scale up of Advance Global Capital, a financial services company that puts investors’ capital to work financing the invoices of small and medium-sized businesses in emerging and underserved markets.

Janet has over 35 years of investment experience and over 30 years experience as an active philanthropist. At Capital Group, she managed global portfolios in 3 of the 10 largest actively managed equity mutual funds. An active philanthropist for over 20 years, Janet has held many board seats in the past including, Chair Emerita of Berkeley Endowment Management Company, chair of Oxfam America, and trustee of Smith College, and was a board member of the Deutsche Bank Microfinance Consortium Fund and MicroCredit Enterprises. She was a Fulbright Scholar, received her BA degree from Smith College, and attended New York University Graduate School of Business.

Joel Soloman
Renewal Partners

Joel is Chairman of Renewal Funds and President and CEO of Renewal; he brings a vast network and wealth of deal experience to Renewal Funds. Joel was instrumental in the development of Renewal Partners and the Endswell Foundation and has led them since their inception in 1994. Renewal Partners has invested in over 75 companies that share its commitment to socially responsible growth.