Getting Started in Circular Economy Investing

Ditte Lysgaard Vind

The Circular Way

In this video, Toniic Member, Ditte Lysgaard Vind briefly shares about her path to invest 100% of her investible assets towards impact.

Hi, I’m Ditte. I’m a Danish impact investor, particularly focused in the circular economy and investing in circular economy business models.

How did your impact investing journey begin?

I went to the US and I had googled things like: “I want to do impact investing” – we want to do it together with my family – and one of the people that I met there was Raul from Sonen Capital and their real asset fund. We ended up investing in that. So it was kind of to have that; you go out there and you don’t know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet. I didn’t essentially know that this sector that I had been reading about existed in real life, almost. Then figuring out that it does and being able to deploy that and move capital towards that impact through that journey was really nice.

What’s next in your impact investing journey?

My plans for the next year is sort of engage even more in investing in the circular economy. I really want to find good ways to do that that are easier to maintain and lower risk to be able to deploy more towards that. And then on the other side, I really would like to find more of the sort of direct investments into circular economy business models as well.

Recommendations for your fellow millennial impact investors?

I would recommend for millennials to get themselves acquainted with the ecosystem and then just start going to some events. They’ll find there are a lot of people like them and a lot of people that really want to help them and want to share their knowledge. I would start there. Then from there, start dipping your toes.

We’re at a space and time for impact investing where you can basically go across all asset classes, so what makes sense for you? Get acquainted with current portfolio. What is actionable? What is actually doable to move and what is not doable to move at the current time? Then work within that to find what’s possible, whether it be funds of funds or private equity funds or direct investments or debt or whatever it could be. I know there are tons of opportunities, so just dip your toe in and really connect with the community, because there is a lot of knowledge and trust and experience to be shared.