John Berger

Managing Director, Solutions

John Berger, CFA  is a finance, strategy, and operations professional adept at creating innovative solutions to complex problems with a focus on social enterprise and social capital markets.

He has led, created, and structured a variety of impact transactions, including the 2018 Grunin Prize-winning investment structure for revenue-based financing in the US, Performance Aligned Stock. John brings a wealth of experience to Toniic that he puts to use both for Toniic Members and the public through programs like Toniic’s field building project

John writes for and edits the content on alternative exists and revenue-based finance structures.

He has extensive experience evaluating, improving, and financing business models and marketing strategies in a variety of industries.  After 17 years as an investment banker, John became a social entrepreneur and ever since has been using his finance and strategy skills for impact.

Prior to his work at Toniic, John was the CFO, COO, and co-founder of Her Future Coalition, an international hybrid model social enterprise that creates empowering opportunities for survivors of gender violence to build an independent, safe and rewarding future.

John has consulted with social multiple enterprises on business planning, financing, legal structures, strategy, and operations. John is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  Previous roles include Vice President, Smith Barney; Senior Vice President and Branch Manager, BB&T Capital Markets; Director, Schwab Capital Markets; Vice President, Prudential Securities.