2022 Match Campaign

Toniic envisions a world in which all investments honor the planet and its inhabitants. Dues support our membership services, but our public goods and fieldbuilding are supported by philanthropy alone. We are asking our friends and members to lend financial support for our fieldbuilding work, signaling their belief in its enduring importance.
At Toniic, we seek to change not just how we invest, but how everyone does.


Due to the generosity of the Toniic Board, we have the opportunity to double the effect of every gift we receive by December 23, 2022, up to $300,000.

Will you help unlock that support and show the world there is a better way to invest?


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Our 2021 Impact Report

Our 2021 Impact Report

Many know about Toniic’s membership activities, but that’s just half the story. See what Toniic and its members accomplished in 2021.

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The T100 Project

The T100 Project is a longitudinal study of investment portfolios 100% activated towards deeper positive net impact in every asset class. 

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Impact Terms Platform

The Impact Terms Platform is a free, expert curated, encyclopedia and how-to guide for entrepreneurs, investors, and impact professionals.

Our Field-building Projects

T100 and ImpactTerms.org are changing the field of impact investing by sharing publicly what is usually private. Click the links above to learn what these programs do and why they matter.

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