Member Policies

The following member Code of Conduct is intended to articulate the norms foundational to Toniic’s culture.  Clear expectations help us generously offer mutual support, disagree non-judgmentally, and share experiences candidly.

Code of Conduct Principles

  1. Honor confidentiality and privacy
  2. Demonstrate mutual respect
  3. Lead with your “asset owner” hat if you have multiple roles
  4. Share, don’t sell
  5. Be one of multiple voices in the room
  6. Amplify the impact of fellow members

1. Honor Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality is the baseline commitment of Toniic membership.  Toniic members promise one another that they will not divulge any confidential information of Toniic or another member to any person (including another member) without explicit consent.  Confidentiality obligations extend to all private information of other members, for example family information, contact information, investments previously made and being considered, and advisor relationships.

Non-public Toniic products and services are for the use of members only.  Logins to Toniic systems, materials made available only to members, and invitations to members-only webinars, are not to be shared with colleagues or others absent explicit prior approval from Toniic.

2. Demonstrate Mutual Respect

Toniic embraces its diverse network. Differences in ideas and approaches are welcome.  Disagreements should be expressed respectfully, without attacking, denigrating or belittling anyone.

3. Lead with your “Asset Owner Hat” if you have Multiple Roles

Toniic is primarily a community of asset owners.  In addition to investing their own capital, some Toniic members play other roles. In order to preserve the spirit of Toniic as an asset owner community, we expect members to lead with their “asset owner hat.“  If you are also a wealth manager, fund manager, consultant, or entrepreneur, please speak first and primarily from the point of view of being an asset owner (or manager of a members’ assets, if you are professional staff of a Family Office or Foundation).  This principle does not apply to Advisor Members – please see the special rules for Advisor Members below.

4. Share, Don’t Sell

We welcome members to share their expertise.  It is not acceptable to initiate a conversation or contact another member with the primary intention of selling an investment opportunity or services for which you will be compensated, except during a webinar or meeting where the intent to solicit is clear in advance, or in follow-up initiated by an interested member.  In those fundraising situations, we require transparency, meaning disclosure of any direct or indirect financial interest in the opportunity being presented and any other potential conflicts of interest.

5. Be One of Multiple Voices in the Room

Be aware of how much you talk relative to others.  Make room for quieter members to contribute.

6. Amplify the Impact of Fellow Members

Help amplify fellow members’ impact, and articulate your desired impact so that others may reciprocate.

Special Rules for Advisor Members
Although Toniic is primarily for asset owners, we invite select impact advisors to join as Advisor Members.  Special rules apply to Advisor Members, who are invited to learn, to share their knowledge, and to find and share investment opportunities, but not to prospect for new clients among Toniic members.  The invitation to join Toniic is made to an advisor personally, not to the institution they represent, and is not transferable.

Enforcement of this Code of Conduct
Members who breach this Code of Conduct will receive one warning regarding their inappropriate behavior.  Breaches of confidentiality are subject to a “one strike” rule – a single clear breach of confidentiality is grounds for immediate termination of Toniic membership.

The Toniic team hold ultimate responsibility for enforcement of this Code of Conduct, but our community is strengthened when every member respectfully reminds their fellow members of these intentions when necessary.

Thank you for your whole-hearted engagement with our community!

Version 3.1, Toniic Code of Conduct

The website privacy policy can be found here

This section is under revision and will be updated soon. Toniic protects member data as required under GDPR and will comply with all GDPR requests from members or any individuals.