Members Communication, Calendar and Email Settings

Our Communication Tools 

  • Email remains the mainstay of how we communicate with you but we are making it easier for you to control the emails you receive. 
  • Toniic Connect (our member portal) has a very flexible notification system, including a mobile app if you like to receive notifications on your phone.  Connect is an important tool for Working Group communications. For each group, you can individually choose if you want to receive those notifications via email or mobile notification, or not at all.
  • Calendars and Events We are offering a new option – the ability to subscribe to a calendar that will show all the Toniic events.  You will still be able to see all events in the Calendar section of Toniic Connect, and will receive emails about events if you prefer that option.

All Toniic Events and registration details are listed in the Events section of Toniic Connect.  You can always find and register for an event in Connect.

We have added the ability to let you add a Toniic Events Registration calendar to whatever software you use to manage your calendar.  It will show up as an extra calendar layer in your calendar application in the same way you may add calendars like regional holidays, birthdays, or the other calendars that have been shared with you.  This will show you all Toniic events (converted to your time zone) and allow you to register for them. Once you register, you will receive an email confirming registration from which you can add the event to your personal calendar (which will contain the Zoom link or physical address).  

Why the extra step?  Toniic events are private to members – registration lets us confirm the right people are in the room (and know how many to plan for).  We don’t share publicly email addresses of our members,  physical addresses of our events, or Zoom links – we share that only with members who have registered for the event. Registration typically closes no later than 24 hours before an event, so please register early to assure yourself a space and that you have all the details you need.  

To add this Toniic Events Registration calendar as a layer in your calendar program (which you can always toggle on or off): 

You control which email notifications we send you about upcoming events.  Use the directions above in “How To Control Your Toniic Email and Calendar Notifications” to change your preferences.

All emails from Toniic have an unsubscribe option.  We hope you don’t use that option because it is a blunt instrument that may turn off more communications from us than you expect, and leave you out of the loop.  We now provide a better and more granular way for you to control your communications settings in Toniic Connect:

You can now control these emails by changing your preferences on Toniic Connect

  • Log into Toniic Connect on the web using a computer or tablet
  • Select your name in upper right corner
  • Scroll down to Profile – Edit
  • Select “Communications Preferences” tab
  • Make changes to your preferences
    • We will thereafter use your selections in this tab to filter and send notifications of upcoming events, deal announcements and other segmented emails from Toniic.

There are four options for notifications for every action related to groups:

  1. Get an email (the “Email” checkbox in the example below)
  2. Get a popup notification in your computer browser  (the “Web” checkbox in the example below)
  3. Get a notification on your Android or Apple phone via the Connect App (the “App” checkbox in the example below)
  4. No notifications outside Connect- you have to open Connect and browse “Notifications”:

To choose whether receive notifications via Email, Web, App or none at all:

  • Log into Toniic Connect on the web using a computer or tablet
  • Select your name in top right corner
  • Navigate down to Account, then choose “Notification Settings”
    • In the Preferences Tab you can select or unselect your preferences.
    • In the Subscriptions Tab you can see what user groups you are a member of and individually change their notification preferences

For example, if you want email notifications but only from the Regen Ag group, your Preferences settings would look like this:

in the Subscriptions setting you uncheck groups you don’t want emails from, leaving the Regen Agg group active.  Removing yourself from a group subscription keeps you in the group, but stops notifications from that group.