Nathalie Nebelius

Sr. Relationship Manager, EMEA

Nathalie Nebelius headshot

Nathalie Nebelius is a Sr. Relationship Manager for Toniic, EMEA.

Previously Nathalie was the Member Support Associate for EMEA at Toniic and prior to that was principal in a private equity fund for resources efficiency at a German Family office dedicated to impact investments across all asset classes.  ‬Nathalie holds a BA as an environmental assessor from Linnaeus University in Sweden and studied politics, languages, and history at the University of Southampton. ‬Nathalie has spent the last six years working for sustainable and impactful businesses to promote positive change.

Nathalie previously worked at Lund University in the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics conducting research. Nathalie thereafter spent three years with Cleantech Scandinavia as Growth Manager. Here Nathalie helped grow the membership levels, developed the business, and ran events globally.

Nathalie is Venture Partner for a US/Nordic early stage fund and is newly appointed European Lead for the Billion Dollar Fund for Women, which moves capital from the LP and GP community into women founded or gender diverse teams. Nathalie has a global network of investors, corporates, foundations and SMEs and is often asked to be a door opener, facilitator and advisor for various initiatives.