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Welcome! We request your valuable collaboration in completing this form to help us make our products and services even better for you. Please note that this form must be completed by the primary contact for the Toniic membership. 


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For Global memberships you are granted one additional member seat for Toniic products and services. If you would like a spouse, business partner, or family member to be part of your membership, please include their details below. If there is no one else you would like to add at this time, please click "Next Page."

For Global+ memberships you are granted up to five additional member seats for Toniic products and services. If you would like your business partners or family members to be part of your membership, please include their details below:

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In 2015, under the guidance of the United Nations, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.  Toniic has mapped its member's impact themes of interest to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Framework.  Please select your top five Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and sub-themes of INTEREST from the selections below:

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max 250 words
  • Classic: seeking deep impact with a dedicated sleeve of capital within a broader portfolio. The percentage of the total portfolio dedicated to impact is <20%. 
  • Impact Portfolio: integrating impact in multiple asset classes across a portfolio, without a commitment to a 100% impact end-state.
  • 100% Portfolio: committed to moving towards 100% impact in at least one portfolio within five years, subject to liquidity constraints on existing investments. 
  • 100% by 100% Portfolio: committed to moving towards 100% impact in all controlled portfolios within five years. (This approach is applicable only to principals investing their personal wealth, not foundations or other institutional investors).  Those investing other’s money in a fund or vehicle dedicated 100% to impact should chose 100% Portfolio.

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Toniic news, calendar of events, and deals can be accessed on Toniic platforms at any time.  In addition, members receive two Toniic newsletters:

Toniic Member Newsletter:  includes announcements about new Toniic tools and resources, event updates, and membership activities

Toniic Impact Funds Newsletters:  a monthly newsletter with information about impact fund investment opportunities featured on the Toniic platform

You may unsubscribe from either of these newsletters at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link included in every newsletter or you may opt-out now.  If you chose to opt-out now, you will not receive newsletters announcing new Toniic reports and initiatives, Toniic impact investment news, impact investing industry updates from Toniic, or Toniic member highlights.


Your response here is editable via the Toniic Lounge to then be used for meeting attendee directories, speaker biographies, etc. Please limit your responses to 250 words.

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