Reversing the Tide: Katapult Ocean

Katapult Ocean is finding, investing and scaling great startups with a positive impact on the ocean. We do this through an accelerator program, building a global ecosystem for ocean impact tech and creating awareness through the Katapult Ocean Prize. Katapult Ocean is part of a leading impact investor organization based in Norway (Nordic Impact/Katapult).

Maren Hjorth Bauer is CEO and Co-founder Katapult Ocean. Her previously held roles include VP Business Development Orkla, Head of Strategy and Finance Wallenius Wilhelmsen (global shipping company) and consultant at McKinsey & Company.

About Reversing the Tide: Toniic members from both North America and Europe met in Victoria, Canada to hear from leading companies focused on solutions for restoring the health and sustainability of our oceans. We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to hear from each of these companies yourself. We hope that they inspire you to take action with your own investments!