Reversing the Tide: Zyba

At Zyba, we’re creating a world where ocean waves are transformed to protect coastlines, grow artificial reefs and generate renewable electricity. We’ve developed an ultra-light-weight wave energy converter, called CCell, which moves back and forth with the waves and generates electricity. We use some of this electricity to run an electrolytic process called “Biorock” (pioneered by our partners, the Global Coral Reef Alliance) which enables us to grow artificial coral reefs from sea water minerals using a small, safe electric current. The reefs grow to provide long-term coastal protection and have proven to successfully enhance coral growth in tropical areas. Any excess electricity can be used to power micro-grids or for other off-grid applications. In a single affordable solution, we can offer: (1) Beach protection and nourishment for hotels, governments or private properties; (2) Enhance marine ecosystems with coral reefs, which also promote tourism; and (3) Generate renewable electricity.

Dr. Will Bateman is the founder and CEO of Zyba Ltd, a clean-tech company focused on delivering marine renewable energy and growing artificial coral reefs at accelerated rates. He is the main innovator behind Zyba’s core technology, “CCell”, an ultra-light-weight wave energy converter, which has been under development since 2012. CCell stems from his PhD on the numerical modelling of extreme ocean waves from Imperial College London and his degree in Civil Engineering. Will has over 17 years’ experience in management and engineering roles in some of the world’s leading engineering companies including General Dynamics in Canada, Risk Management Solutions and Lloyds Register in London.

About Reversing the Tide: Toniic members from both North America and Europe met in Victoria, Canada to hear from leading companies focused on solutions for restoring the health and sustainability of our oceans. We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to hear from each of these companies yourself. We hope that they inspire you to take action with your own investments!