T100 Focus Report: Foundations on the Road to 100%

New from T100 comes a research briefing focused on how foundations are deploying their capital toward deeper positive net impact across all asset classes. Within T100’s data set of impact investments in private wealth holders’ portfolios, 18 of the 76 portfolios in the latest study are foundations. Despite being only 23% of the total participants, foundations in this study represent in total $1.7 billion of committed capital, which represents 60% of the total committed capital of all portfolios in the study. But this is still a fraction of the global pool. With an estimated $1.5 trillion in endowment funds worldwide,  foundations could be a major force in mitigating crises like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, catalyzing climate action, and addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In this report, we investigate how these 18 foundations are overcoming misconceptions about impact investing while managing to go deeper with their impact while staying profitable, managing risk, and furthering their mission. 

“In a time when the scale and urgency of societal challenges is growing, and philanthropic resources to address them are insufficient or shrinking, foundations are increasingly focused on driving the effectiveness of their programmatic work, but not thinking enough about catalyzing their endowment pools.”

— Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier, Founder JBJ Consult  

Watch our companion webinar!

In the webinar, we summarize key findings and hear directly from four T100 foundation leaders. They share their experiences and lessons learned on their respective journeys to 100%.