T100 Open API

In 2022, we set out to develop an Open API based on XBRL to facilitate the exchange of impact data among impact management platforms such as Tracer, to facilitate the exchange of impact data across the industry. The Open API is built on an XBRL Taxonomy based on IRIS 5.2 metrics. Available here to download is a publicly available XBRL taxonomy of IRIS 5.2.

The following zip folder contains instructions on how to use the data, the necessary files to utilize the IRIS 5.2 XBRL taxonomy, and a sample data report in JSON format.


IRIS 5.2 XBRL Taxonomy Package 2.49 MB 538 downloads


This project was created with support from a grant from the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing. We are grateful for their support and partnership.

The taxonomy and related assets are licensed under
Creative Commons license “Attribution – No Derivatives CC BY-ND 4.0”.
For any questions on content or use, please reach out to t100@toniic.com.