Toniic Annual Global Gathering 2022

Aspiring to Beauty


Why register for the Toniic 2022 Virtual AGG?

Whether you are new to Toniic or have been around a while, you won’t want to miss our signature members-only annual global event, the Annual Global Gathering (AGG), May 23-26 (depending on your timezone). It’s the best chance all year for you to meet fellow members from 25+ countries across the globe. While we are all tired of pandemic-induced virtual conferences, this isn’t one of those. It’s a gathering, not a conference!

What’s the difference?

  • The AGG seeks primarily to highlight and share the tremendous wisdom and activity within our community, rather than emphasizing keynotes from outside speakers you see at conferences.  
  • The Gathering is highly interactive, where you are invited to share your perspectives and what you are working on – and call in support – and you will have many opportunities for unstructured interaction with your amazing fellow members. No panels of talking heads!
  • It’s members-only, ensuring that this event creates space for candid conversations between committed asset owners. 


Gathering virtually allows members from all over the world to participate without traveling.


Nearly all sessions will be interactive among our global peers, not just talking heads. It’s a gathering, not a conference!


The AGG is an experiential journey that starts on Day One with where we are individually, and ends on Day Three with a clarified collective vision

Here’s what to expect

The theme of Aspiring to Beauty will guide this journey

“Aspiring to Beauty” is a call to step out of our more usual focus on solving problems and instead ground ourselves in our vision for a better world. We’ll end with practical action steps, but start by reconnecting to our “why” – why do we do this work, what beautiful outcomes do our hearts most aspire to?  We’ll be inspired by beautiful things and we will aspire to solutions that reimagine key systems.  

In a multi-day workshop on the Art of Impact, we will crystallize our individual visions, broaden those to make them more universally accessible, and then identify the constraints to realizing that vision and next action steps to bring the vision to life.

We’ll focus on connection

The AGG is your chance to connect with friends old and new who share your desire to invest their resources to improve the world. The Gathering will focus on those connections, with cross-border meetups between members in different geographies, a Global Council in which we share our visions, and our signature “Give/Get” marketplace to share what we are working on and find allies. In cities with critical mass, we’ll offer options for a lunch or dinner to meet face-to-face.

We’ll feed your head 

Our investment team will highlight the best collaborative investments of the last year – the ones that leveraged member collaboration to show how our community works together in making deals and catalyzing more impact. Our member Erika Karp from Pathstone will explore impact investing in a polarized world, exploring what we might learn from the war in Ukraine. We’ll close with commitments to action.  

You’ll move your body and your heart

We’ll have a movement session, and we’ll share “beautiful things” that inspire each of us.