Toniic Member Survey

Toniic Member "Give & Get" Survey - 2017

We are seeking to focus the member services of Toniic on what our members most value.  To do that, we need your feedback, in the form of a brief “Give and Get Survey.”  We get right to the point of what you want out of Toniic.

We are also seeking to aggregate the total investable wealth of Toniic members.  Toniic is a voice for impact investors.  The sound of that voice is louder if it represents many billions of dollars of investable assets, which we know anecdotally we do, but as an evidence-based organization, we need evidence!  We will never share your range with other members or anyone else -- our need is to be able to report the aggregate investable capital controlled by Toniic members.

Finally, we are asking those who have not yet done so to indicate the impact themes they are pursuing using the latest Toniic SDG Impact Theme Framework, Version 1.1.  Our framework is getting great traction with the GIIN, UN PRI, and others.  Our goals are to better link members working on the same themes, and to link members to the most relevant investment opportunities.  Please help us by taking a few moments to tell us what themes you are emphasizing.  

Please take a few moments to tell us what matters to you!  Toniic is your organization -- here is a chance to shape it!

PLEASE NOTE: We maintain one impact theme profile per account, so only one member of your team need complete it.

My best,



max. 50 words

max. 50 words
Impact Investor Categories
  • Classic: seeking deep impact with a dedicated sleeve of capital within a broader portfolio. The percentage of the total portfolio dedicated to impact is <20%. 
  • Impact Portfolio: integrating impact in multiple asset classes across a portfolio, without a commitment to a 100% impact end-state.
  • 100% Portfolio: committed to moving towards 100% impact in at least one portfolio within five years, subject to liquidity constraints on existing investments. 
  • 100% by 100% Portfolio: committed to moving towards 100% impact in all controlled portfolios within five years. (This approach is applicable only to principals investing their personal wealth, not foundations or other institutional investors).

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