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The 100% Network is a Toniic subgroup of principal asset owners committed to pursuing positive net impact across all of their investable wealth and their lives. 

Toniic believes that impact investing starts with the intention of the investor.  Within the network investors are pursuing many different theories of change and strategies, and the confidential sharing of those different approaches is the source of a great deal of value for members.

“100%ers” also pursue collective action towards systemic change, have committed to sharing their impact portfolios and lessons learned with each other, and are typically engaged in a journey of personal exploration and growth, as well. The 100% Network provides these investors with a powerful suite of tools as well as a trusted community to further their work.

What makes the 100% Network unique?

Focus on Total Portfolio Approach

In a trusted network of peers, investors can validate their approach, share strategies and inspire others in their pursuit for deeper positive net impact across all asset classes.

The portfolios of 100% members are characterized by their intended future state and their commitment to continuous improvement.  In time, all investments in such portfolios will be values aligned, and most will contribute measurable positive net impact for the planet and its inhabitants.

Personal Transformation

Impact investing is a journey. That journey includes stages of deployment, as well as values clarification and alignment.  That journey leads most 100%ers to re-examine long-held assumptions about how we are living our lives.

The 100% Network provides a safe space for asset owners to conduct that inquiry, which is highly personal and can be vulnerable.  As a 100%er you will find peers on a similar journey, and an environment of support, not judgment. For many, that journey includes integrating the tools of mindfulness, empathetic communication, and social and environmental justice.  We find we want to make different decisions in many aspects of our lives as we come to see more clearly the interconnected web of life on earth.

Catalyzing System Change

Network members are collaboratively working towards achieving the highest collective positive net impact on the current global financial system. They do this by demonstrating different portfolio approaches, bringing intentionality around impact to the investment process, and integrating impact performance indicators.

Many 100%ers have contributed to the T100 research project, a publicly-available, philanthropically-funded longitudinal research study allowing Toniic and academic researchers to publish analysis and impact stories that will shape the industry.

Who are the 100% Network members?

Members are accredited investors across the globe who are committed to activating their total portfolio towards deeper impact. The network includes high net wealth individuals, family office principals, single family office leaders, and foundation principals.

As members of the 100% network, we are committed to:

  • Acting as a principal asset owner with portfolio allocation authority
  • Deploying 100% of investments in at least one portfolio towards deeper positive net impact
  • Approaching this as a continual, never-ending impact journey across all our investable wealth and our lives
  • Exploring personal transformation and our relationship to wealth as well as our role in systemic transformation
  • Sharing our impactful life story and portfolio(s) with other 100%ers, and in anonymized and aggregated form via the T100 Project (at least in % terms)
  • Participating in at least one 100% Network gathering per year. There are three additional 100% gatherings per year on top of the Toniic At Large Gatherings.

The 100% community within Toniic was founded by Charly and Lisa Kleissner and six other investors in September 2013. The strategy of the 100% Network is guided by Charly Kleissner, together with the Toniic executive team.

Become a 100% Network member!

Investors just beginning on their transformation are welcome in the 100% Network if they make the above commitment. You don’t have to be at 100% yet.
Join us on the journey!
If applying to Toniic, please indicate your interest in also joining the 100% Network on your application. A Toniic representative will be pleased to share more information.