Toniic Tracer is a new platform that enables investors, entrepreneurs, and funds to share and compare data about impact investments, along with corresponding goals, performance, and outcomes. 

Toniic created Tracer with the goal to create alignment between these different audiences by facilitating a common structure for reporting intentions and outcomes. We hope that this will ease the reporting burden for issuers and make it easier for investors to deploy more capital to impact. 

Toniic Tracer is the new core platform for T100, Toniic’s longitudinal study of the progress of impact investors toward activating entire portfolios for impact. 

Why use Tracer?

Benefits to Investors

  • Integrated portfolio view from a financial and impact perspective
  • On-demand dashboard of portfolio level charts
  • Portfolio-level impact reporting
  • Community sourced charts per investment
  • Access a large Diirectory of impactful investments
  • Consistent, concise impact reports

Benefits to Issuers (Enterprises and Funds)

  • Report metrics to multiple investors through one platform
  • Generate impact reports for your own use based on emerging standards
  • Compare how investors perceive your enterprise or fund
  • Increase exposure to investors

Tracer FAQs

  • How do I sign up?
    Right now, the Toniic Tracer investor portal is a benefit exclusively for Toniic members. (Learn about how to become a Toniic member.)
    Toniic is exploring the possibility of offering access to non-member investors and their advisors for a fee.
    There is no charge for use of the platform by issuers. Issuers will be invited to self classify and to report impact metrics soon.
  • How much does Tracer cost?
    Use of Tracer is free with Toniic membership, and there is no charge for issuers.
  • How does Toniic Tracer build the field of impact investing?
    Data in the system is anonymized, aggregated, and shared with Toniic’s Academic Research Consortium led by the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (“CSP”)  at the University of Zurich. The academics use the data to power academic research in the field of impact investing and behavioral finance.  
    Toniic itself also draws on the data to report on the progress and strategies that private investors participating in the T100 Project are using to deepen their positive net impact.  The Toniic team uses Tracer to conduct investor surveys to strengthen analysis and support academic research aimed at developing a 21st-century portfolio theory that incorporates social and environmental impact in decision making.
  • Will my data be secure?
    Toniic is committed to data security and is following best practices for keeping your data safe and secure. We store data in an encrypted database, comply with GDPR requirements, and employ two factor verification of identity.
  • How can I learn more?
    To learn more about Toniic Tracer, reach out to

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