Adam Bendell


Adam Bendell is CEO of Toniic.  Adam is an entrepreneur, innovator, and impact investor.  He joined Toniic from his role as Chief Innovation Officer for FTI Consulting, a publicly-listed consulting firm with offices in 25 countries.  Adam came to FTI when it acquired Strategic Discovery –  a company he co-founded and led as CEO. Previously, Adam served as President of a Silicon Valley-based software startup.  He began his career as an associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, moving into the position of Chief Technology Counsel – the first position of its kind at a major law firm.

Adam leads Toniic’s mission to catalyze deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital.  He loves the Toniic global community because it is filled with inspiring people who choose to investigate the ways in which their resources can be better deployed in alignment with their values, and to make concrete changes as a result. 

His leadership is fueled by a passion for facilitating transformational change from within, which includes guiding us through treacherous conversations on the edge of privilege.  In the safety of the culture of trust Toniic has built, we are invited to fearlessly explore how we might be inadvertently perpetuating a system we seek to change.  Adam is aided in this journey by being a peer asset owner and his willingness to be transparent with his own vulnerability.  

His passport stamps include a B.A. from Cornell University, a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, and a year spent as a visiting student at the London School of Economics.