Impact Investing Epitomizes the Power of Capital Markets

Raúl Pomares, Impact Advisor, Sonen Capital

Host: “This is Toni Johnson with Soundbites. I’m here today with Raul Pomares of Sonen Capital and we’re going to discuss their work and the work with some Toniic members. 

TJ: “So Raul this is a joint project that Heron is doing with Toniic to talk with some of the advisors and managers that work with Toniic members. So, just to get started, can you give a brief overview of the types of impact services you provide and a glimpse of your typical impact client and any thoughts on any investors that may be ahead of the typical – like what does that look like and what does that mean for your work?”

Raul Pomares: Great. Well thank you, Toni, I’m glad to be a part of this; I’ve actually always admired the early work of Heron and have been fortunate enough to be at Toniic since early inception and watched the tremendous growth and the role that it plays now in the ecosystem. In terms of Sonen, who we are and what we do and clients we work with, what’s unique is that we’re singularly focused on impact investing. It’s who we are, what we do, and heck, it’s in our name: Sonen is a modified acronym for Social and Environmental Capital.

****Transcription not complete***** ~1:10 of 15:47

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