Millennials & Impact Investment


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While most surveys confirm millennial interest in impact investing, some suggest there is more talk than action. What are millennials actually doing about impact? Are they really taking action?

What is needed to empower interested millennials to move from talk to action? This report goes straight to the source offering answers from millennials engaged in impact investing – from exploration through to execution.

Millennial respondents on 6 continents have generously provided us insight into the following questions:

  • Are they interested in impact investing?
  • What drives that interest?
  • What impact investments are they making?
  • Why? Which sectors? Which asset classes?
  • What challenges are they facing?
  • How does their impact investing align with other aspects of their lives – specifically careers and philanthropy?
  • How are millennials collaborating with their families and advisors on their impact investments?
  • How are they educating themselves in the field of impact investing?

We hope these data and stories will empower and inspire more millennials to consider investing for impact. In addition, we hope these stories will encourage family members and advisors to be more willing to collaborate with millennials to together foster a greater movement of financial capital into investments that deliver positive social and environmental impact.

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