Gratitude Railroad

Gratitude Railroad is an impact investing firm and community network guided by a vision to transform capitalism to be a force for greater good. Since 2013, we have educated and convened 750+ asset owners and allocators who are dedicated to moving investments from traditional finance into impact. We bring together accomplished impact investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, academics and impact service providers to unlock resources and opportunities for our investment community. 

Through our dedicated group of investment partners, we syndicate capital to make direct equity investments and seed emerging impact fund managers. We also incubate innovative ideas and capital structures in collaboration with our ecosystem partners. To date we have invested in 20 early-stage ventures, three fund managers, and an impact advisory service. 

Gratitude Railroad and Toniic partner around field-building activities to grow the impact ecosystem. We also share our investment opportunities with the broader Toniic community in hopes of catalyzing more capital into the space.

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