Membership Operations Associate, EMEA & Asia Pacific About Toniic Toniic is a non-profit global network of impact investors –  investors seeking positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return.  We serve both dues-paying customers (“members”) … Read more

Gratitude Railroad

Gratitude Railroad is an impact investing firm and community network guided by a vision to transform capitalism to be a force for greater good. Since 2013, we have educated and convened 750+ asset owners and … Read more

Toniic SDG Impact Theme Framework

Aligns Impact Investments with UN Sustainable Development Goals Toniic Institute presents the Toniic SDG Impact Theme Framework. The goal of the framework, the development of which Toniic will curate as a public good, is to … Read more

diirectory of impact investments

Toniic Diirectory

The Toniic Impact Investment Diirectory has 1700+ crowdsourced impact investments across all asset classes. This directory provides the public with a snapshot of impact investments made by Toniic members, T100 Project participants, and partner organizations. … Read more

Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool v2

Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool

The Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool is an Excel-based tool that enables impact investors to document the interrelationships between asset classes and the impact of a portfolio of investments. This easy-to-use tool allows an investor to … Read more