Toniic Tracer Awarded Grant

We are happy to share that Toniic’s T100 Project has been awarded a grant from the Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing (TPF) to help grow the impact investing sector through work related to data, metrics, and measurement. We will address this challenge by developing an open API based on XBRL, the leading standard for financial reporting, to facilitate the exchange of impact data among impact management platforms such as Toniic Tracer. 

Toniic Tracer, the core platform for T100, enables investors, entrepreneurs, and funds to share and compare financial and impact data about impact investments, along with corresponding goals, performance, and outcomes. Because data harmonization is core to its mission, Tracer was designed from the ground up to leverage existing standards and frameworks. This benefits both investors and issuers as they seek to become more aligned.

The grant money will help us reach our goals of easing the burden of impact metric reporting, facilitating consolidated impact reporting, and leading by example with open data sharing, data harmonization, and interoperability.  

Recently, the BMW Foundation used Tracer as their primary data gathering and analysis tool as they wrote their first impact report. The team entered information about their portfolio, requested metrics from investees, and utilized the platform’s tools to collect and analyze data. You can read more about the process and the results in their report:  

T100 and Toniic Tracer are part of Toniic’s field building efforts, which are philanthropically funded. Grants and donations keep our work going. Learn more about how you can support these initiatives through our 2021 Match Campaign at

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